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RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management
Meet Changing Compliance Obligations

RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management


  • Establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable corporate compliance program
  • Satisfy industry- and country-specific requirements
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory violations and operational compliance failures

Your organization’s regulatory compliance landscape changes every day. In today’s complex regulatory environment, governmental and industry bodies make changes to laws, regulations and industry requirements frequently. Organizations that must comply with a variety of regulations face a daunting task in keeping abreast of these changes. From risk and regulatory compliance perspectives to data privacy concerns, businesses are compelled to establish processes for identifying regulatory changes and implementing measures and suitable processes to maintain compliance. However, with the growing amount of regulatory data coming in from a variety of sources and an increased focus on the processing of personally identifiable information (PII), it is difficult to identify, prioritize and respond to issues that impact your business.

Departments, business owners or team leads often create unique ways to address policies and regulatory obligations required to run their organizations. The resulting proliferation of spreadsheets, emails and data repositories spread across the network contributes to a lack of coordination and accountability among the many different stakeholders.

Many times, different policies and regulations require business units to provide control attestations that are the same or similar across multiple compliance initiatives. As priorities change and resources stretch, staff begins to tune out and ignore these compliance requests, which further exposes the organization to increased risk of fines and penalties due to noncompliance.

These disconnected processes impact the organization’s productivity as team members spend time chasing down information to meet various organizational policy and reporting requirements. Ultimately, these inefficient processes steal valuable resources away from the strategic initiatives that are critical to growing and sustaining the business.

Drive Down The Costs of Compliance

Your current approach to meeting regulatory and corporate compliance obligations is overwhelming resources, and there is no way to keep up the pace of regulatory change. How do you respond when executives ask for compliance updates? How difficult is it to provide them the visibility they require, and can it be provided quickly and consistently? By consolidating regulatory data into a centralized repository and establishing a sustainable and consistent process for managing regulatory change, you can quickly and accurately comply with your regulatory obligations. And because you have consolidated your compliance efforts, you can now provide the executive team with a complete picture of the state of compliance across the organization in real time.


With the constant influx of new and changing regulations, your organization needs to understand which ones are relevant to the business. With RSA ArcherRegulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, organizations can establish business context for compliance, identify and meet regulatory obligations, establish and implement compliance policies and standards, create and manage an integrated control framework and provide compliance visibility to the executive team. This reduces the risk of poor, misaligned IT and business practices, exposure to regulatory violations and operational compliance failures.

RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management


Gives You Control of Regulatory Requirements

By consolidating regulatory requirements and centralizing news feeds from regulatory bodies into one searchable, standardized governance structure, RSA Archer better positions your organization to quickly determine the impact of regulatory changes.

Makes Compliance More Efficient

By automating task assignments, report creation and controls assurance testing through a centralized portal, RSA Archer helps to reduce the time burden on critical resources while minimizing your organization’s risk of costly compliance failures.

Brings Consistency to Compliance

RSA Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Management allows you to eliminate manual, non-scalable compliance activities by implementing a consistent and repeatable process for managing new and changing regulations.

Improves Data Protection

Better manage data protection requirements associated with industry standards and global regulations such as GDPR. Improve the classification and assess relationships between risks and controls that pertain to managing data.


RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management solutions allow you to consolidate information from multiple regulatory bodies, document their impact on the business and establish a sustainable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance and data privacy program.

Take Control of Regulatory Requirements

Managing the increasing velocity of new regulations and laws and prioritizing regulatory compliance activities is challenging. Resources can only react to current, known regulations and laws and are unable to proactively advise the organization about potential impacts from emerging, new and changing regulations.

With RSA Archer, you can consolidate regulatory requirements into a consolidated repository and centralize news feeds from regulatory bodies into one searchable, standardized structure using prebuilt data feeds. Your organization can also document your regulatory impact analysis and supplement it with information from your research and internal requirements. This approach provides you with a clear and consolidated view of regulatory intelligence. It also allows you to map regulatory impacts across your entire organizational infrastructure by expanding your ability to manage and minimize the impact of regulatory change.

Address Compliance Consistently

In many organizations, it is common for each business unit, department and team to have very different approaches in dealing with corporate policies and regulations. Each team develops unique policies and tools, collects information and reports on compliance activities based on the way each interprets their obligations. This approach leads to duplication of common activities and burdens individuals with multiple requests for similar information. The end result is an organization lacking a clear, consistent, scalable and measurable method for meeting its regulatory compliance obligations. This leaves the organization vulnerable to fines, penalties and reputational damage due to compliance failures.

RSA Archer enables you to standardize your policy, compliance management and data processing activities involving PII across the organization, establishing a common taxonomy for developing measurable risk and compliance goals, processes and controls. This allows you to prioritize and manage corporate policies and regulatory compliance initiatives quickly. By eliminating manual, nonscalable compliance activities, you can implement a consistent and repeatable process for managing new and changing regulations and rapidly determine the impacts of regulatory changes to the organization.

Meet Regulatory and Compliance Obligations

Organizations often do not have a complete view of the state of compliance without spending weeks sifting through controls, findings and other data. And your teams cannot offer an accurate compliance picture to your executive team or board at a moment’s notice. The aggregate effect raises the risk of costly, public compliance exposures and erodes the organization’s ability to pursue strategic objectives. The bottom line: without a solid understanding of the state of compliance across the organization, your executives’ jobs are on the line.

By consolidating and centralizing your regulatory data with RSA Archer, you can quickly produce real-time reports and user-specific dashboards to view regulatory news by provider, type and impact and monitor the overall status of the organization’s regulatory compliance program. In addition, you can assign tasks to compliance staff in a consolidated system to monitor resource activities. You can also create exception requests, remediation plans and findings to correct any issues uncovered during the control testing process. This approach ensures that senior leadership always has a complete picture of the state of compliance and enables regulators to assess your organization’s compliance to required obligations quickly.

Use Cases:

With RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management, you can obtain a clear view of the organization’s state of compliance, enabling you to prioritize activities that address the regulatory requirements having the greatest impact on the business. Limiting overcompensating responses and wasted cycles preserves the ability to direct more resources back to strategic areas of the business.

Policy Program Management

Policy Program Management

RSA Archer Policy Program Management provides the framework to help organizations establish a scalable and flexible environment to manage corporate and regulatory policies and ensure alignment with compliance obligations. This includes documentation of policies and standards, assigning ownership and mapping policies to key business areas and objectives. Organizations can effectively manage the entire policy development lifecycle process and gain the agility and flexibility to handle policy exceptions amidst an increasing volume of changes in a complex regulatory compliance landscape.

Corporate Obligations Management

Corporate Obligations Management

RSA Archer Corporate Obligations Management provides the necessary tools and capabilities to document external regulatory obligations. It enables you to establish a systematic review and approval process for tracking changes to those obligations, understanding the business impact and prioritizing a response. You can quickly and accurately deliver guidance to senior management and the IT organization regarding regulatory and other compliance requirements the business must manage in conjunction with business operations. By improving the linkage between organizational compliance requirements and internal controls, compliance gaps are reduced and senior management gains better insight into issues impacting the business. Implementation of RSA Archer Corporate Obligations Management provides an agile policy framework to keep pace with changing business and IT compliance risk.

Controls Assurance Program Management

Controls Assurance Program Management

RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management offers a framework and taxonomy to systematically document the control universe and assess and report on the performance of controls at the business hierarchy and business process level. You can apply clear, accurate control guidance in support of any compliance objective. By improving the linkage between compliance requirements and internal controls, the business can better communicate and report on compliance obligations using a common taxonomy and language across the organization. With RSA Archer’s agile and flexible compliance framework, compliance teams can manage regulatory change across the business proactively.

Controls Monitoring Program Management

Controls Monitoring Program Management

RSA Archer Controls Monitoring Program Management extends the foundation established with RSA Archer Controls Assurance Program Management with an approach to defining and managing separate compliance projects simultaneously. This includes tools to assess and report on the performance of controls across all enterprise asset levels and the ability to automate control assessments and to monitor continuously. Multiple compliance projects can be managed in concert with other strategic business activities. By consolidating organizational compliance projects into a single platform, business owners have visibility into critical risk and compliance data, enabling them to make fully informed, risk-based business decisions in support of organizational priorities. A single control universe can further align with extended corporate stewardship and responsibility goals and other strategic objectives.

Data Governance

Data Governance

RSA Archer Data Governance is designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities. RSA Archer Data Governance helps empower organizations to maintain an accurate inventory of processing activities, establish and apply documented controls around the usage of PII and manage data retention requirements. Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, confidentiality and transparency of PII and regularly assessing the data protection risks associated with its usage are core tenets of data privacy principles highlighted in the GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Privacy Program Management

Privacy Program Management

RSA Archer Privacy Program Management is designed to enable organizations to group processing activities for the purposes of performing data protection impact assessments and tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities. Chief Privacy Officer, Data Privacy Officers and privacy teams are also enabled to benefit from a central repository of information needed to demonstrate commitment to GDPR compliance around the organization’s privacy program. RSA Archer Privacy Program Management is designed to help organizations improve how they manage personal data processing activities, document communications with regulators and assess the privacy risk impact of managing PII. With better diligence and stronger programs in place, organizations are empowered to demonstrate conformance with compliance obligations. Establishing an effective privacy management program can also positively impact the organization’s bottom line through reduced risk exposure to fines and penalties for noncompliance.


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