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Respond quickly and confidently to threats

In the presence of a threat, RSA Mobile Lock supports quick action by alerting the user and preventing them from authenticating into a secured environment and accessing company data, enterprise systems, or customer records. This prevents a threat from expanding beyond one compromised mobile device to reaching all business systems and data, which could have severe cross-company consequences.

Manage both device and app security

By only restricting authentication on a user’s device, RSA Mobile Lock:

  • Identifies a mobile device with a security threat
  • Makes the user aware of the threat on their mobile device
  • Alerts IT about the threat
  • Maintains the security of business systems and data

Minimize the impact on users

Rather than locking users out of their own devices, RSA Mobile Lock takes a targeted approach that focuses specifically on the authentication app. While authentication is restricted when a threat is detected, the user can continue to use the device for making calls and other purposes that are unrelated to authenticating to secured resources.


  • Detect threats on mobile devices
  • Establish trust in unmanaged mobile devices
  • Restrict authentication to protect resources
  • Prevent threats from spreading
  • during investigations
  • Accelerate IT team response
  • Secure mobile device and mobile app
  • Leave other device functions unaffected
RSA Mobile Lock

Secure your cloud journey

As your organization migrates to cloud authentication, users benefit from being able to authenticate anywhere, often using their own personal devices. But prioritizing user convenience can also introduce risk. Organizations must deliver access that’s seamless and secure. RSA Mobile Lock delivers on both counts.

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